Musician, teacher, podcaster, voiceover artist, DJ?

Transistor has a basement and it includes:


Studio C: a podcast and voiceover recording studio with multiple microphones, 12-channel mic/line Mackie mixer, Zoom H4n digital recorder, two Stanton T62 turntables (with Numark mixer), and iMac workstation loaded with Logic, Reaper and GarageBand.

Frank and Vanessa Navarrete Performance Studio: a music practice, teaching and recording space with upright piano, five-piece Ludwig drum set, guitar and bass amps, and much more. ________________________________________________

Both rooms are available by appointment during store hours (Monday-Friday 12:00 am.-8:00 p.m. Saturday 11 am - 7pm Sunday 11 am - 6pm).  For an extra charge we can make either room available one hour before or after store hours. If you need a sound engineer to record you in either studio, we offer that too. 

If you want to take a quick tour, book a session, or just ask some questions, please reach out either in the store or by phone, 312.539.7257.


Hourly rates:

Studio C: $15 an hour. For non-store-hour or recording-assistant rates, add $15/hour. (minimum 1 hour)

Frank & Vanessa Navarrete Performance Studio: $10 per person per hour (does not include teachers' students, for whom there is a discounted rental charge).  For non-store-hour rates, add $15/hour; for recording engineer rates, add $25/hour. (minimum 1 hour)