Performing Here

On now occasional Sundays Transistor hosts music performances by local and touring acts. Typically we present two acts in an evening. Performances generally run from 7:00 till 9:00 p.m., with set lengths ranging from 20 to 50 minutes. We book a wide range of music that includes (but is not limited to) indie rock, electronica, experimental, noise, hip-hop, soul, folk, Americana, jazz, and classical.   We do have noise and space restrictions that preclude the booking of full-on rock bands. Other than that, pretty much anything goes. You can get a good sense of past and current bookings by visiting the Recordings page and Events page of this website.

Photo by Craig Atkinson

Photo by Craig Atkinson

If you are interested in performing at Transistor (or have booking questions you would like to ask), please e-mail It is helpful if you include a link to your music. We book and bill acts equally; there are no opening acts and headliners. 

If your act is booked at Transistor, we ask that you do as much as possible to promote the show. That includes social media, fliers and handbills, media outreach. Transistor will promote the show on this website and produce/print fliers for our shop. The rest is up to you. 

We provide not only a sound system – speakers, mixing board, microphones (with stands), sound cables (XLR, ¼ inch, RCA) – but a sound man, Jon Monteverde. Jon does the sound for the room at the same time that he records it. A few days after the show, the mixed and mastered recording is added to our Recordings page performance archive, where it is available for streaming (though performers can always decline to have their set included on the page). WAV files of the recordings are available to the musicians, who are free to do with them whatever they like.

We also have a projector and screen in the event that you have visuals you would like to project.

Setup and gear 
Please arrive for your Transistor gig and load in about 6:30 p.m.  Setup for the first set begins about 6:30, with the performance beginning at 7:00, or as soon as setup is complete.  

There is metered street parking directly in front of Transistor, but those spots can often be hard to come by.  There is free parking on nearby side streets and Ashland Avenue.  Transistor is a small space, so not only are large amplifiers (and your own monitors) unnecessary for sound projection, they will likely be in the way. Please modify your setup accordingly. If you need a surface to place your gear on, or a merchandise table, we have those in four sizes: 18" x 18", 18" x 48", 16" x 27" and 72" x 29.5". We also have a rug for drum sets.  Oh, and we also have a drum set; if you'd like to make use of it, please ask in advance!

Playing order, start & end time
As noted above, Transistor does not book "opening acts" and "headliners."  Playing order is usually determined the night of the show, when all musicians have arrived.  If your act appears first on our website event page or poster, that does not necessarily mean you will be performing first.  Same goes for acts that appear second or third.  Shows begin around 7:00 and end at 9:00.  

All Sunday night performances at Transistor are free admission; there are no exceptions. We do, however, encourage donations and have a donations box that gets passed around during events, usually more than once. The first $40 of the collected funds go to Jon, the sound man. The rest is divided between performers.