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The Tarot Restless is a complete overhaul of the classic Rider-Waite deck, set in a bizarre fantasy universe during the final days of a cosmic infertility apocalypse. It is a wholly unique creation steeped in supernatural horror that takes inspiration from video games like Dark Souls and Silent Hill, black and death metal music, and Lovecraftian lore.

This includes:

  • The original 78 card deck, 12 of which feature new designs

  • The 12 card expansion set The Zodiac Retrograde

  • The 10 card expansion set The Oracle Inimical (The Exalted and the Exterminated)

  • A profusely illustrated and completely re-written copy of Restless Meditations, a 140+ page guidebook of short stories that explore the lore and interpretations of each card

  • A silver-stamped box that holds both the cards and the guidebook

All 100 cards are trimmed with a brilliant silver finish, echoed by the foil on the front of the box and on the guidebook. Rich with themes of betrayal, grief, escape from abuse, and redemption, this deck is perfect for new or experienced tarot readers as well as those who want to delve into a strange world of obscene horror.

The Tarot Restless (Third Edition)

2 Pounds
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